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    I. Company profile

    Ruitai (Weihai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (a Sino-foreign joint venture) is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of new generation optical module equipment for data transmission. The products are widely used in 5G communication and data center data transmission fields.

    II. Working environment and working hours

    Dust-free workshop, constant temperature and humidity clean workshop, no pollution and no noise, constant temperature throughout the year. The company produces precision electronic parts, no heavy physical work.

    Working 10 hours a day (8pm -- 18pm), one hour for lunch and rest in the evening, 10-15 minutes for rest in the morning and afternoon. Two shifts, one day off a week. The company adopts comprehensive working hour system. Overtime for working more than 8 hours a day is counted as overtime. Overtime for working on weekends is counted as overtime.

    3. Job requirements

    1. Technical secondary school or above, under 35 years old;

    2. At least 3 years working experience in product inspection in electronic industry, with experience in operation of inspection equipment and instrument is preferred;

    3. Proficient in computer operation, able to use common office software;

    4. Ability to communicate, coordinate, analyze and solve problems;

    5. Able to work overtime and shift work.

    Four, the company treatment

    Accommodation included: 2 to 3 rooms (air conditioning, heating, WiFi, laundry room, TV, independent bathroom) will be provided free of charge; Arrange professional catering companies to provide free lunches/overtime meals to employees.

    V. Subsidies and subsidies

    1. Special allowance: dust-free allowance (the position requiring one-piece clothing), and glass-viewing allowance (the position requiring the use of optical microscope).

    2. Multi-functional worker subsidy: a fixed monthly subsidy will be provided for each non-job skill identified

    3. Skill level subsidy: according to the assessment of the skill proficiency of the post, the monthly quota will be paid.

    4. Seniority subsidy: a fixed amount of seniority subsidy will be added every month for every year of seniority.

    5. Night shift subsidy: every night night shift subsidy.

    6. Attendance Award: according to the company's attendance system, full attendance will be subsidized by a fixed amount every month.

    7. Transportation subsidy: monthly quota subsidy.

    VI. Company welfare

    1. Leave: Employees are entitled to legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, paid annual leave and other legal holidays;

    2. Insurance: The company pays social insurance for employees in accordance with the Labor Law.

    3. Quarterly benefits: Labor insurance benefits are paid every quarter.

    4. Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare: Mid-Autumn Festival welfare will be provided.

    5. Spring Festival welfare: Spring Festival welfare will be provided during the Spring Festival.

    6. Reimbursement of travel expenses for returning home during the Spring Festival: Reimburse the travel expenses for returning home during the Spring Festival according to the regulations of the company.

    7. Monthly evaluation: monthly employee evaluation and reward.

    Factory address: Sino-Europe advanced intelligent manufacturing industrial park west of the intersection of Jinhua North Road and Kaiyuan East Road, Lingang District, Weihai City

    Contact information: Miss Sun, 17662757205 5586022

    Raytel (Weihai) Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Company Address: No.3 Building, Central Europe Industrial Park, Jinhua North Road, Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Weihai City, Shandong Province

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